Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Extra hour of sleep...woohoo!!

Earned an extra hour of sleep this morning...yea! Figures that I'm not taking advantage of it. I woke up at 6:30 needing to pump, so I thought I'd take advantage of my few stolen moments of silence to update my blog.

How bad is it that I have to put the milestones in her blog instead of in her babybook? I have yet to start a babybook for her, so if I don't put the milestones on here, they'll be forgotten. Maybe I'll be organized by the time she is one. Doubtful, I know. Plus it gives you a chance to see how are life is going, so I guess it's not all bad.

So, here are a few that I want to keep track of... I will start with the most important.
First 8 hour stretch of sleep - 10/31/08 1:30AM to 9:30 AM on 11/1 - Grammie and Opa must have worn her out for Halloween! The night before was a wonderful night of sleep too...9pm to 1am and then 2am to 8am. I don't want to jinx it, so I won't totally brag on her for this one.

First Bath - 10/11/08 - Right after MU lost a big game to ?? Her Daddy might be able to tell you who they lost to, but I could have cared less at that point. He felt so passionate about it that he proceeded to get a bit intoxicated from the fifth of Crown Royale that Kim Winder (picture attached for your viewing if you'd like to knock him upside his head when you see him) bought him for being such a trooper about bringing a life into this world. Tough job for the Dad...labor and all was pretty difficult for Daddy. And the breastfeeding!!!! Now that makes Daddy totally deserving of a fifth of Crown! Needless to say, I will let the pictures speak for themselves on this one. The last one is after I had AnnaJo to sleep and he thought it would be fun to tackle me on the bed (which is coincidentally attached to her bed) when I gave him grief about heading up the stairs to get another drink. I'm sure you can tell how I felt about him waking her up.

Winder's visit with AnnaJo

On a happier note...AnnaJo was not crazy about the bath. Since her first we have perfected our methods a little and you'll be happy to know that she has a little bathtub and we don't use the sink anymore...she wouldn't fit in it anymore anyway. On the same note, I gave her her first shower in the evening on Wednesday, October 29. She loved it! For obvious reasons we didn't get any pictures of that! Lucky you!

First Roadtrip - AnnaJo and I went to Springfield with Nana on Saturday, October 18 to visit Tia, Jackson, Harrison and Carter. We left on Saturday morning after a terrible night of very little sleep. Friday night (10/17) was the first night that AnnaJo stayed awake until 4AM. She was awake about 8AM that morning and she slept all the way to Lebanon before she got hungry. Actually, Mom's boobs were about to explode so I had to wake her up in Lebanon to feed her. I'm sure she would have stayed asleep all the way to Springfield if I would have let her. I didn't forget the pump on the next trip and life was much better. Papa ended up visiting that weekend too so we got to see him and meet Uncle Terry too. They stayed at Uncle Doug's house. We went to church the next day with Tia (her aunt Jodi. Tia is aunt in Spanish and that's what AnnaJo will call Jodi). I didn't get many pictures, but this is her first church going outfit. She did very good during her first church service...slept right through it.

First Bottle - October 20 - This came about because AnnaJo was very fussy during the day and her tummy was grumbling all day long and even worse at night. I called the dr (it was probably my 3rd day in a row of calling) and the nurse said that it sounded like she was taking in too much milk too quickly. She instructed me to start pumping and giving her a bottle to see if it helped matters. I also called the lactation consultant and asked for some advice from friends. With a combination solution from everyone, her gassiness decreased. And it's MUCH better now after visiting the dr last Monday and getting the reflux medicine. That's right...AnnaJo has terrible reflux and life is much better now that we have Zantac. I can totally sympathize with her, as my reflux was nearly unbearable during pregnancy. She is still nursing too because she isn't crazy about taking bottles from me. Daddy and Nana are loving that though! AJ continues to hope for a medical miracle too... she will be overjoyed if Daddy can figure out how to nurse!

First trip to West Plains - Saturday October 25 - We left JC about 6:00 that night after Cliff got off work. We wanted to be in West Plains early enough to surprise Grandma Hammond. She didn't know that we were coming and this was the first time of meeting AnnaJo. After a brief stop in Rolla to eat and nurse, we arrived in West Plains about 9:20. We definately surprised Grandma. I have a video, but I don't know how to post those yet. Sorry. And Papa has the pictures since I was carrying the baby and Cliff was videotaping. AnnaJo got to meet her Aunt Kaye and Uncle Homer that weekend too. We went to church with the family on Sunday and the congregation at China Church met her on Sunday morning. They had been praying for her during the entire pregnancy, but especially after our complications became more apparent. Since our dr appts were all on Wednesdays, Aunt Kaye was able to update them every Wednesday night from my text messages. I'll be posting my text messages later in an effort to save them too.

Little Britches is starting to stir, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

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