Thursday, January 28, 2010

Proud Nana

This was last weekend...on our way to K-ville to look at houses. She doesn't have her Nana wrapped around that little finger of hers....nah!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please pray that we survive!

AnnaJo was not feeling well last week - cough, cold, congestion and possibly pink eye. The daycare was convinced about the pink eye, so I had to keep her home a few days last week. Vegas was also sick - Vestibular disease and an inner ear infection. Ultimately, the poor dog couldn't walk straight and couldn't stand up. We thought he had meningitis and were preparing for the worst when we took him to the vet. He was not eating either - which is totally unlike him. SO....we brought his food upstairs. For some reason, we failed to remember to put it up after offering it to him. While I was in the office, I heard the dreaded sound....the entire bowl of food hitting the floor, piece by piece. This is what I found in the kitchen. My first instinct was to get mad, but then i realized this was a great picture opportunity and it was my fault for not putting the food up, away from her. Needless to say, we have our hands full!

AnnaJo got in trouble at daycare yesterday - pulling hair and hitting. We're supposed to be reinforcing - hands are for hugs! I'm sure she is thinking exactly that as she tries ripping off our lips and ears. :-) I've tried spanking, smacking her hands, telling her no and even tried time-out. To no avail, she continues to hit, pull hair, throw her cup on the floor, throw her food on the floor and play with the tv buttons. And now when I tell her no, she signs it right back to me with her little fingers pinched together.

So....please pray that we all survive what appears to be the terrible 2's starting a little bit early.

Friday, January 8, 2010

15 months - big girl!

AnnaJo had quite a day on Jan 5. She had her 15 month well-baby-check that included shots and she got her first haircut. I've included pics of her haircut that can speak for themselves...AJ got a sucker as a treat and Mommy needed a shot of...well, a xanax might have worked a little better than a shot of vodka really. Regardless, Mommy didn't get a treat of anything except a lick or two from the kid's dum-dum.

And then her dr's appt? Oh lord....Praise God that we didn't have the camera for that one. AnnaJo threw her first real temper tantrum. It included lots of crying and screaming, but the best was when she had to show Dr. Stix how well she ran. Chris took her about 10 feet away from me and had her run to me. AnnaJo got about 3 feet away from me, threw her screaming little self on the ground and proceeded to kick and scream for what seemed like minutes. Then she ran to the door, screaming to get out. Asked for food, asked for milk, begged 'please, please, please' and she would not be consoled with neither food, nor drink. She was having a poltergiest type of fit! I seriously thought her head might start spinning around. You might think i'm stretching the truth...i promise I'm not. Nana is the witness - she couldn't believe it either. Chris (her pediatrician) just laughed and assured us both that she is fine and this age is one of the most difficult for this reason.

As far as her check-up goes - she is doing great. She weighs 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall....hovering at the 80/85 percentile for both ht/wt.

Enjoy the pics...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Bring on 2010!
Big stuff going on for the Hills.... Cliff and i went to Oregon in December for an interview with US Cellular. It was a great trip - beautiful. I was totally obsessed with the water. He got the offer and we had to turn it down. Gorgeous place to visit, but too far away from the family. AND housing was twice as much out there. I enjoy a good snack of Ramen noodles, but I don't want it to be a staple. :-) Here are some pics to enjoy...

Oh yea....the now instead of going to Oregon, it will more than likely be Kirksville, MO or Rolla, MO. Either way, it doesn't take airfare, so all should be well. And if anyone complains, i'll remind them that Oregon was a very real possibilty. A few hours is much better than a few days travel time. :-)

Christmas and New Years was great too. AnnaJo enjoyed all of it and is getting bigger each day. She is changing SO much. Her 15 month appt is tomorrow, so i'll update with her stats later this week. Here are a few pics of her too...

she loves to give kisses now - here's her smooch
She and Daddy on New Years Eve - Midnight (EST). She watched the ball drop!

New Years Eve - The hat was a part of a whole ton of Christmas gifts from Aunt Susie (one of Mom's best friends)

She loves the Wiggles car - such a happy girl!

New face for her - all of a sudden she flexed her muscles like this and got very excited. Glad I had the camera.

She loves playing in Nana's Longaberger baskets - this was all on New Years Eve.