Monday, March 30, 2009

AnnaJo - 6 months old

OK....she is 6 months old. We had a big week last week. She had a cold, she had her first professional pics taken and she had a half birthday. AND we had a 6 month check up. She is such a big girl. She weighs 17 1/2 pounds now and is 26 inches long...wearing 9 month clothes already. She is a marvelous baby. She is eating solid food and is loving it. As always, please remember that this is my baby tracker, so you will see some info that really only matters to her mama. I will need this info in a few years when I make her first baby book! :-) I'll keep that info at the end though, in case you decide to stop reading.

Check out a teaser of her pictures at If you decide to have Jill take your pictures (i totally recommend!), let her know that I referred you. I'll get a discount on my orders. Thanks Lauren for recommending her to me! My favorite so far is the one of her asleep on my shoulder. She was such a happy baby when we got there and then she got hungry. She didn't nap most of the day either, so she was tired too. She is her mother's daughter...she is a bear when she is hungry and sleepy. Once the rest of the pics are edited, I'll give you the website to check out. If they are all that good, I'll have to order them all. I could just surround myself with her pictures! Not sure if I'd be laughing or crying...she is just so adorable! Here is my fave...

Friday was her half birthday. Papa Rod came for a visit with the nephews while Jodi and Doug were in STL. She is going to love playing with them soon...she just likes to watch them right now. Harrison was very sweet with her...loves to touch her face. I worry about them being rough with her, but I have a feeling that she'll be knocking them down and bruising them just as much, if not more!

****** Here is the record keeping stuff ******
Started Rice cereal - 4 months old (to the day). Transitioned to Oat cereal at 5 months. Started veggies and fruits on March 15...Mommy is making them herself!

Sweet Potatoes - loves them!
Avocado - not sure about it, but with cereal and banana it's good stuff!
Bananas - LOVES them. Nana gave her the first taste of banana 3/24.

Sweet Peas - yummy

At 6 months - crying when Mommy leaves the room. She is very whiny if I'm in the room while someone else has her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I love Shutterfly!

I'm a little obsessed with these collages on Shutterfly. I love them! Here are the latest...Thank you notes that I'm giving my ultrasound tech, who is much more than that. She is my friend too. And for my drs. they are 8x10's which is a little big for thank you's, but she is a special baby. She is with Nana today...enjoying working in the yard. She's going to be my little outside baby. Mom said that she's been so good...just watching her work in the flower beds.

Cliff and I have done a lot of talking and a lot of praying, well I've been praying at least. I'm still not sure if Cliff prays like he should, but that can be a later topic. I really want to be at home with AnnaJo. I know it's going to take a lot of work and a lot of determination, but i think it will be good for all of us. I like our babysitter, but i feel like I'm missing out on a lot. I think I'll have to become a couponing queen and a deal finder. Any tips or advice would be welcomed! I'm still going to sell Pampered Chef, so if anyone is interested in hosting, let me know. I don't really want to rely solely on that for income though..that takes some of the fun out of it. Prayers are most welcomed too! Everyone has told me that I'll never think we have enough money, but if we are determined to make it work, we can.'s a big leap of i hope to make by August!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Times are a changing!

Here's a little tidbit of info about me... Since the time I was 12, I've washed my face both morning and night, trying to avoid that nasty acne! It was easy back then as Mom sold Mary Kay, so all I had to do was grab it from the inventory shelves. Even in high school and college...I could be falling over from exhaustion (possibly from overconsumption of alcohol, but not likely! my child may read this one day!) and I would ALWAYS wash my face before passing out. Well...little Miss AnnaJo has put a kink in my routine. I've started going to bed without washing my face! Eeewww!

You might ask....why the need for sharing this info? I'm trying to win a contest for some very cool products! Check out this company... If I don't win, I think I still might order the Baby Your Face wipes. And when the Rescue Your Hair is available...I'll have it. Who has time for daily showers when a baby is around!?

Monday, March 2, 2009

First day of daycare

Oh my goodness...this was the hardest morning I've has as a Mom. I had to take AnnaJo to daycare for the first time today. This is the first time that she has stayed with someone who isn't a family member or a super close friend. I told her last night that we were going someplace different this morning. And I told her all about my babysitter, Lyndall Bridges, and how much I loved her. The kids there were very excited to see her and she was very curious about all of them. She did great...all smiles and laughing before I left. Mommy, on the other hand, did not fair so well. I was a crying mess while I was driving to work. I called Cliff and he is having a good day of fishing, but still freezing his toes off! He said that he had to stand in the water this morning just to warm up! Crazy, considering it's Spring-fed water! He is coming home tonight...can't stand to be away from his baby girl for any longer. life has changed!