Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week 25 Appointment....Fabulous!

Fabulous dr appt this week! My cervix is staying strong...3.4 cm this week. :-) The progesterone is working great and Trum seems to think I can carry to at least 32 weeks and possibly even to term! How fabulous would that be!!! I'm still on bedrest with a few extra privileges...pool time and an extra shower here and there. I might even be able to celebrate my 30th birthday on July 4 vertically!!!! How exciting!

AnnaJo is doing great too. Next week is a measurement week, but we can tell on the u-sound that she is growing and filling out. Her little cheeks are looking baby like instead of resembling an alien! She is still moving a ton and making me very aware of how active she might be. Which to be honest, it's a little scary! We have some serious baby proofing to do before she starts moving and shaking around this house! Cliff is taking off a week in July to start some of that...refinishing the hardwood in the living room and office to get rid of the carpet is first on the list! He and Jim are working on the basement again today in an effort to finish the bathroom/utility room ceiling. Yea!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Once again, it's raining here...just what we need!

love to all!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A thought about evolution & adaptation

Don't get me wrong, I am not a Big Bang believer. I am quite confident that the Earth was created in 7 days by God. HOWEVER, I do believe in evolving and adapting to your environment over a period of time. For example, some smart person believes that in the future our thumbs will be bigger because of all the texting that we are doing. Here's a one point, the hair covering our legs served a purpose. I'm pretty sure it was for warmth or something similar. But in 2008, is it really that necessary? Why can't we evolve into less hairy creatures? And what exactly is the purpose of armpit hair? I really don't get it. Here is my big complaint though about irony. Pregnancy has sped up the growth rate of all my hair. I appreciate what's on my head, but pregnant belly makes leg shaving a little more difficult. I've never been a big fan of shaving in the first place and honestly, in the winter I can go for a month without shaving. I know...kind of gross and poor cliff. But the hair on my legs has never been prickly or dark....just looks kind of fuzzy. Pregnancy has changed that too! It's really not quite fair and I don't like it at all. SO if anyone has a theory about how we should evolve into less hairy human beings, I am willing to try just about anything except shaving daily. I will not do that!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Today is dr favorite day of the week. I will fix my hair and put on makeup and look like a normal human being. :-) What a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day! And Yippee!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day!! Cliff enjoyed his first Father's Day. Can you guess what he did? Of course you can...he fished. Unfortunately he didn't catch, but there is a reason they don't call it that. He was home by noon, in time to take me to the pool for an hour before it started raining. I stayed in bed while he was out and I have to say it was a little rough. I'm a big fan of the Today Show and even watch it on the weekends. Sunday was terribly sad, as they had another tribute to Tim Russert on the Today Show and then on Meet the Press. I spent most of the morning in tears. I'm sure the added hormones didn't help much, but it really was a very sad day for the world of politics and journalism. At one point I had to remind myself to breathe through all the tears. From the conversation between his friends and colleagues, he was an incredible person and an unbelievable father.

We also celebrated Gary's 60th birthday on Sunday night. It was a shocker to him, but it was a good time. Eventhough I spent the evening in the recliner, it was very nice to have a change of scenery. The food was fabulous, but the company was even better! A large portion of Cliff's family was there and we had a good time visiting. Mom and Jim even joined us for dinner and it's always fun to combine the families like that. I imagine once this little girl gets here, we will be doing that often!

And a big yippee for making it to week 24!!! That's the first big milestone for this bedrest! My next appt is tomorrow afternoon, so i'm hoping for more great news! Keep your fingers crossed and I"ll keep you posted afterwards!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AnnaJo is over a pound!! Yea!

What a great day! First of all, it was a very beautiful, dry day! My week 23 appt was early this morning and went very well. My cervix measured longer today than it has yet...3 cm! Yea!! Bedrest and progesterone are working just like they are supposed to! The U/S tech even said today that if I keep on this track, i may carry AnnaJo to term. The dr joked that we may even go over, but that will not happen if I have anything to do with it. We are due on October 4, but I really want a September baby. Why, you ask? Because the birthstone in September is a sapphire. I have nothing against the October birthstone, but my engagement ring is a sapphire and they are one of my favorite gemstones! I have some other sapphire jewelry too, so I think it would be so fun for them to mean even more!

AnnaJo weighed in at 1 pound 5 ounces today...she is getting bigger! I can feel her move around very well now too. She is a mover and a shaker. Randi, our u/s tech, commented on her muscle tone too. She said she has good muscle tone in her legs, so we are hoping that she will be an athlete like her mommy and daddy!!

The rest of the day went great too... it's dry! It's not supposed to last too long though. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday. :-( Cliff is off work this weekend, so the trim in my bedroom might be finished soon! We've only been living here for 2 years now. That's the plan at least. We'll see if I can actually mark it off the honey-do list after this weekend. He has been informed that the priority this weekend lies in finishing the bedroom rather than playing ball ... you might ought to say a quick prayer. I think he is fishing on Sunday for Father's Day, so that's something nice for him to look forward to. I think if he goes fishing, I'll head to the in-laws for some pool time.

Happy Father's Day! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Will it ever stop raining?

I've told many of you that the weekdays of bedrest are not terrible because i have a rigid tv schedule that I adhere to. Most of my schedule is on NBC...the Today Show, Days of Our Lives, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil and Oprah. I only watch one hour of tv on CBS. Do you know what's on NBC today? The French Open. What a disaster! I guess it's a needed break. I don't get anything else done while I'm watching tv, so I will make the best of it. Too bad it's not sunny outside, this would be a perfect day to be rafting it in the pool!

Baby update...I will be 23 weeks along tomorrow....yeah! This week's appt went well. Trum (my OB) is very satisfied with the progress and success of bedrest. My cervix was over 2 cm long this week and that keeps me out of the hospital. He has given me another freedom pass for a date night with Cliff. One of Cliff's customers gave him a gift certificate to Das Stein Haus, a German restaurant here in town. So tonight is date night....YEAH!! I've never been to this restaurant, so I have no clue what is good, but it will be a night out of the house and I would love that even at McDonalds. AnnaJo is doing very well too. She was sucking her thumb for the u-sound this week. It was cute! Next week is another week for measurements, so we'll know exactly how much she is growing. That is always fun.

Guess what!? Apparently the tennis match isn't an all day affair. Days of our Lives is on!! Yippee. Gotta run now. :-) The Brady Pub has gone GREEN!