Friday, June 6, 2008

Will it ever stop raining?

I've told many of you that the weekdays of bedrest are not terrible because i have a rigid tv schedule that I adhere to. Most of my schedule is on NBC...the Today Show, Days of Our Lives, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil and Oprah. I only watch one hour of tv on CBS. Do you know what's on NBC today? The French Open. What a disaster! I guess it's a needed break. I don't get anything else done while I'm watching tv, so I will make the best of it. Too bad it's not sunny outside, this would be a perfect day to be rafting it in the pool!

Baby update...I will be 23 weeks along tomorrow....yeah! This week's appt went well. Trum (my OB) is very satisfied with the progress and success of bedrest. My cervix was over 2 cm long this week and that keeps me out of the hospital. He has given me another freedom pass for a date night with Cliff. One of Cliff's customers gave him a gift certificate to Das Stein Haus, a German restaurant here in town. So tonight is date night....YEAH!! I've never been to this restaurant, so I have no clue what is good, but it will be a night out of the house and I would love that even at McDonalds. AnnaJo is doing very well too. She was sucking her thumb for the u-sound this week. It was cute! Next week is another week for measurements, so we'll know exactly how much she is growing. That is always fun.

Guess what!? Apparently the tennis match isn't an all day affair. Days of our Lives is on!! Yippee. Gotta run now. :-) The Brady Pub has gone GREEN!

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