Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week 25 Appointment....Fabulous!

Fabulous dr appt this week! My cervix is staying strong...3.4 cm this week. :-) The progesterone is working great and Trum seems to think I can carry to at least 32 weeks and possibly even to term! How fabulous would that be!!! I'm still on bedrest with a few extra privileges...pool time and an extra shower here and there. I might even be able to celebrate my 30th birthday on July 4 vertically!!!! How exciting!

AnnaJo is doing great too. Next week is a measurement week, but we can tell on the u-sound that she is growing and filling out. Her little cheeks are looking baby like instead of resembling an alien! She is still moving a ton and making me very aware of how active she might be. Which to be honest, it's a little scary! We have some serious baby proofing to do before she starts moving and shaking around this house! Cliff is taking off a week in July to start some of that...refinishing the hardwood in the living room and office to get rid of the carpet is first on the list! He and Jim are working on the basement again today in an effort to finish the bathroom/utility room ceiling. Yea!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Once again, it's raining here...just what we need!

love to all!!

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Mrs. Tellman said...

Great news! I missed your weekly text last week while we were on vacation in Wisconsin. Glad to see there was nothing wrong! Take care.