Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 28 of bedrest - catch up

I anticipated posting more often than I have. You would think that a woman on bedrest would have enough time to blog daily, get some shopping done, have the nursery planned and still have enough time to catch up on TV. Honestly, that is not the case. I make an effort to not take naps and i still don't manage to get all of these things done. Time management has eluded me since I started this! My guess is that motherhood will force it to become a priority again.

In an attempt to catch up... First of all, my appt yesterday went very well. We are at 21 weeks and 5 days. My cervix continues to get a bit stronger and the dr is very pleased. He approved of moving my bedrest poolside and to the raft. He actually approved that last week, but I chickened out before we went. He also approved for me to make an appearance at a wedding this weekend. I'm so excited to be there for Amanda (and Travis, of course)! He indicated yesterday that at 24 weeks we will start steroid shots to ensure AnnaJo's lungs are developed in case we deliver early.
Overall, bedrest is going okay. I only have dramatic episodes about once a week. I figure that that's not so bad. I keep myself entertained during the week with a rigid TV schedule. Weekends are a little tougher, but i have wonderful friends and family to entertain me and keep my company. Cliff is being a terrific husband - making gourmet meals and making sure his 2 girls are well taken care of. Unfortunately, he typically is on the receiving end of my emotional meltdowns and he is handling them in stride. He manages to fit some fishing into his schedule and he takes the dogs out to run at least once a week, so he is able to maintain some sort of sanity through this ordeal. Mom comes by often too and watches Young and the Restless with me and makes sure that my house is clean. Gotta love that! Thanks Mom! And i do have the most wonderful friends in the whole world. I rarely go a day without calls and instant messages checking in on me. AND last Tuesday i had a little suprise from my Scholastic buddies.

Coincidentally, that was a night for an unscheduled episode. Long story short...I wanted nachos from El Jimador, Cliff had a ballgame to go to and he construed some story about El Jimmies being too busy to get to my nachos quickly. He came home with sour cream and frozen shrimp and then wanted to leave for his game. After a few phone calls, tears and failed attempts to bribe someone to bring nachos, I threatened to stab him with an ink pen. He finally agreed to go get them and 5 minutes later Lori showed up to chat. A few minutes after i heard footsteps upstairs and 6 of my closest friends started making their way down the steps. And in hand, they had chicken nachos from El Jimador!!! It couldn't have worked out better. Ironically, they had planned this party a week earlier and that was the very day that I was willing to stab for chicken nachos from El Jimador!! It was great! They hung out for a few hours and left right before the finals of American Idol! It couldn't have been more perfect timing! Thanks're the very best!!

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