Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Times are a changing!

Here's a little tidbit of info about me... Since the time I was 12, I've washed my face both morning and night, trying to avoid that nasty acne! It was easy back then as Mom sold Mary Kay, so all I had to do was grab it from the inventory shelves. Even in high school and college...I could be falling over from exhaustion (possibly from overconsumption of alcohol, but not likely! my child may read this one day!) and I would ALWAYS wash my face before passing out. Well...little Miss AnnaJo has put a kink in my routine. I've started going to bed without washing my face! Eeewww!

You might ask....why the need for sharing this info? I'm trying to win a contest for some very cool products! Check out this company... If I don't win, I think I still might order the Baby Your Face wipes. And when the Rescue Your Hair is available...I'll have it. Who has time for daily showers when a baby is around!?


Mommy Hedrick said...

HAHAHA! Amen, Kate! You are so right on here!

Miranda said...

LOL It does get a little better over time. :) But even with a two year old I've considered ordering the face wipes.