Friday, January 8, 2010

15 months - big girl!

AnnaJo had quite a day on Jan 5. She had her 15 month well-baby-check that included shots and she got her first haircut. I've included pics of her haircut that can speak for themselves...AJ got a sucker as a treat and Mommy needed a shot of...well, a xanax might have worked a little better than a shot of vodka really. Regardless, Mommy didn't get a treat of anything except a lick or two from the kid's dum-dum.

And then her dr's appt? Oh lord....Praise God that we didn't have the camera for that one. AnnaJo threw her first real temper tantrum. It included lots of crying and screaming, but the best was when she had to show Dr. Stix how well she ran. Chris took her about 10 feet away from me and had her run to me. AnnaJo got about 3 feet away from me, threw her screaming little self on the ground and proceeded to kick and scream for what seemed like minutes. Then she ran to the door, screaming to get out. Asked for food, asked for milk, begged 'please, please, please' and she would not be consoled with neither food, nor drink. She was having a poltergiest type of fit! I seriously thought her head might start spinning around. You might think i'm stretching the truth...i promise I'm not. Nana is the witness - she couldn't believe it either. Chris (her pediatrician) just laughed and assured us both that she is fine and this age is one of the most difficult for this reason.

As far as her check-up goes - she is doing great. She weighs 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall....hovering at the 80/85 percentile for both ht/wt.

Enjoy the pics...

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