Wednesday, August 13, 2008

32 weeks...she is getting big!

Great appt today with Dr. Trumbower! We are past the very important 32 week mark and AnnaJo is getting big! She weighed 4 1/2 lbs today...62nd percentile! I cannot believe she has gotten so much bigger in the last 2 weeks. For any other measurement she has not been above the 50th percentile. Makes me a little nervous that she is going to be a big baby! I'm praying that she doesn't get past 8 lbs before we deliver. For multiple reasons...first the obvious - come on now! It really does defy the law of physics! Second, because some of the really cute outfits I have are for newborns - less than 7 lbs! And i mean cute!!! She'll only be able to wear them a week at this rate...have to change her at least 3 times a day! She was very active today - had her arms moving the entire time. She even sucked her thumb for a long time! I'm really hoping this means that she'll be a good breast feeding baby.

I'm doing good too! My cervix is staying a little over 2 cm and Randi, my u-sound tech, thinks that I'll have no problem carrying to term. The dr is planning on taking out my cerclage around the 36 week mark, so that will be interesting. He is certain that I'll have to wait a few weeks at least once the stitches are out since it won't be my cervix holding her in completely. Not to worry...i have plans for moving things along after that. :-)

Funny story...our nephew Carter is up here visiting this week. It has been a lot of fun getting to hang out with him and he thinks its very strange that AnnaJo doesn't talk back to him. He stayed with Uncle Piff and I the other night and the following morning he did get to experience AnnaJo kicking...right in his face. He likes to talk to her and since she wasn't answering from my belly, he decided to try a different approach. He grabbed my face and opened my mouth and yelled "AnnaJo!!". It was so funny! He gave her zerberts today and made her kick...he is getting the hang of it. He let the dr know today that he was talking about 'his baby' in aunt Kati's belly. He is such a hoot!

Love to all!
Kate, Cliff & AnnaJo

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