Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st already!! Almost 31 weeks!

Can you believe it's already August? The summer is flying by and we're going to have a baby girl around here before you know it! I am nearly 31 weeks along and AnnaJo is growing fast. Our ultrasounds for the past 2 weeks have been very good. Week 29 was a measurement week...she weighed 2 lbs 15 ozs. She should weigh nearly 4 1/2 pounds at our next measuring appt in 2 weeks. I can tell she is growing though because my prego belly is getting bigger and I am very aware of her every move. It already feels like she is running out of room! I'm so glad we have less than 10 weeks left at this point! My cervix is shortening some more, but Trum said it was to be expected at this stage in pregnancy. I keep asking each week about removing the cerclage that is keeping my cervix tied shut and I'm told every week to be patient. Trum will remove the stitches as soon as AnnaJo is healthy enough to be born....probably around week 36 or 37. There is a small chance that I would go into labor once the stitches are removed, but it is more likely that i'll be sent home to start the labor process naturally. I won't go into detail about my plans at that time, but they will for sure include some repainting of the nursery and our dining room!

Sorry for the short update...I've been experiencing some insomnia and it's time to be over it. I need to get back to sleep before it gets really light outside and I can't. Have a great weekend!!

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