Tuesday, July 22, 2008

20 days later...sorry!

I'm so sorry! I've been disconnected from the electronic world for a few weeks. We had the hardwood floors refinished in the office and living room and our computer/modem/router did not cooperate in it's new home. Plus I get a little cranky when my house is turned upside down and turn into a non-communicator. I'm sorry!

Here's the jist of it though...I am still very much pregnant. I'll be 30 weeks this Saturday. I cannot believe we only have 11 weeks or less left to go! AnnaJo is moving around like crazy and getting bigger each week. Tomorrow is a measure day, so we'll see just how much bigger she is getting. I feel fine, but I'm still on bedrest. It's a little modified so I don't have to be horizontal all day long, but it's better if I am. My cervix measured nearly normal a few weeks ago, but last week it had shortened b/c I did not follow dr's orders. So I'm back to it this week....we'll see how it goes. At least we are in a safer range if I should go early, but we really want to make it to at least 32 weeks and 36 weeks would be much much better. The dr will probably take the cerclage out at 36 weeks if we make it there.

I'll update on Thursday morning after my appt tomorrow afternoon. I hope all is well with everyone! Again, I apologize for being out of touch, but my wood floors are beautiful if you can look past the pet stains from 20 years ago. :-)

love to all,
kate, cliff and AnnaJo

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