Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Exhausted, but she is definately worth it!

Here are a few pics over the last few days. We are all 3 pretty exhausted. She is a beautiful baby and is as perfect as I could have asked for. She only cries when she is hungry and luckily, I've been able to take care of that for her. She is such a dream! Cliff started back to work yesterday and that was a bit hard for me. He is off work today though, so I'm enjoying his company. He is napping with AnnaJo and I thought I'd check some email and get these pics posted. They are both from my cell phone, so not as great quality as normal. I am still planning on organizing some of the other pics to post as well. Not enough time in the day anymore. I guess I'll get used to it! The consensus is that she looks like her Daddy! What do you think? I was a little hurt at first...with the terrible labor and scary pregnancy, you'd think I could have a baby that resembled me. I think she is perfect though...plus, I think her Daddy is pretty good looking, so I don't have much to be concerned about.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful Kate.
Awwwww...I cant believe she is finally here. Its crazy.
Love, Hailey!

Bill, Lauren, Will and Caroline said...

so precious! nothing sweeter than a baby girl taking a nap with her daddy. enjoy every single moment, they go by so fast!

Aunt Beegee said...

What a sweetheart! God bless your family and your future. Hugs
Aunt Beegee