Monday, August 17, 2009

She's a Climber!!

My daughter is .... a handfull, among other things! We had a great weekend playing in the floor and reading books. She also proved to be quite a problem solver! She likes to pull up on the laundry basket and push it around, walking behind it. She pushed it over to the coffee table at one point. Well, you can see the rest of what happened!

Normally, I would make sure to take a better pic with her eyes open, but she dove off the coffee table head first. I barely got my hand under her head before it hit the floor. You can see that she also likes to play postman. We put our mail on the table there and she redistributes it...all over the floor. The picture of her and Vegas is how we spent the rest of our Sunday. She loves that darn dog and thank God he puts up with her!

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Hailey Davison said...

Aww I love these pics!!! I cannot believe how big she is. I need to see her soon. If you need a babysitter Im here :) hehe