Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I only cried once!

I did it! I successfully left AnnaJo with her Daddy overnight. And not just 1 night....3 nights!! And I only cried once! Go me!!!

Missy and I went to New Orleans on Sept 18 for a girls weekend. We left Jeff City on Thursday night and stayed overnight in KC before our early morning flight on Friday. When we left, Cliff was taking AJ on a walk and she was a waving little fool. For a few days before I left, she became a Daddy's girl. I think she knew that I was leaving and she was just trying to make it easier. :-) Smart little girl!!Before I went to sleep on Thursday night, I set the alarm on my cell phone. Big mistake - AnnaJo's picture is my wallpaper on the phone. I just couldn't help it...i broke down. I texted Cliff to make sure she went to sleep okay without me, and of course she did. The tears finally stopped about 5 minutes later and I was able to go to sleep. I felt so was only my very first night away from her in a year and nine months (oh yes, I totally count the pregnancy too). No more tears though after that....probably out of sheer exhaustion.

Funny story though...Cliff had a first while I was gone too.... He was giving AnnaJo a bath on thursday night before bed. She has about 4 teeth coming through right now, so she is eating everything in sight or at least chewing on everything for a bit. So her little digestive system is really getting a workout. anyway, he was giving her a bath on thursday night and she pooped in the bathtub! Please note that she has not really done that to me, so it was totally a new experience for Daddy. :-) And not only did she do it once, she did it twice! He had to fill the bathtub 3 times!! (mwah, ha, ha - in your most evil mommy laugh voice).
Bye Mommy! Have a great time!
Megan and I in the elevator of the resort - Club La Pension
Bourbon Street!!!

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