Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mine Mine Mine!!!

It's official.... September 6 was the last day that AnnaJo nursed! I weaned her by the sign of the moon from the farmer's almanac. Not sure what sign the moon was in that week, but it said Aug 29 - Sept 6 was the time to do it, so we did it! So after a year, they are mine again! They didn't feel like mine for the first week, but it was nothing that a head of cabbage couldn't fix! Another tidbit of info...Cabbage leaves stuffed in your bra really do take the engorged feeling away. Makes you small like a Karney for awhile, but it was worth it! She is doing very well with everything - hasn't even asked for it at all. And she's been going to sleep in her bed like a big girl! We've been putting her in her crib and she doesn't make a sound.
We also took her 1 year photos last Saturday. She was a little turd! I'm not taking her by myself ever again. In fact, I'm not sure I will take her at all. She was very clingy. I think she'd do better with her Daddy or one of her g-ma's. Actually, that might be a good Tia project. Jodi is pretty good with photographic stuff, so she'd be sure to get all the good pictures taken. She was whiny and clingy through the whole thing. And once we left, she was all smiles. The photographer assured me that it was TOTALLY normal. I'll post as soon as I see the proofs.

We took this photo on Sunday... wish she would have done this the day before!

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Tia said...

These pics are WAY cute!!! We'll have to take some of her with the new puppy when he gets here! Can't wait to see her bday pics, too!