Thursday, April 3, 2008

13 weeks and 5 days

Not much news this week! The baby is truly ours - very stubborn. I'm pretty sure she/he comes by it rightly. We were anticipating being able to see its butt this week, but apparently the baby was not on the same page! I've attached some good face pictures - the details are kind of crazy! Randi (our ultrasound friend) said its fingers are super long...maybe a piano player and/or a ball player! Everything with the baby looks great! All is still well with my cervix too...yeah! The only problem at this point is that my placenta is blocking the cervix - something called placenta previa. It will more than likely move, but if it doesn't we will have a c-section for sure.

So, put up a few prayers that the placenta gets with the program and goes where it is supposed to!

Love to all! Our appt next week is Wednesday morning, so maybe he/she will be a little more cooperative in the a.m.

-kate, cliff and baby

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