Wednesday, March 26, 2008

12 week appointment my weekly updates aren't going to be as detailed each week because I'm sure you'll get tired of seeing them. ultrasound today went very well. Everything with my cervix looks great and the baby is doing wonderful. She (said in a very hopeful voice) didn't move much in the beginning but when we started looking at her tush, she squirmed away. She (hopeful) apparently doesn't want us buying pink yet. Good thing mama-to-be isn't much into pink! :-) OR the real reason could be that daddy-to-be wasn't there and she didn't want to give Nana the satisfaction of being the first to know!

Regardless, here is one of the pictures that we got this week. My appt next week is on Thursday, so expect another then.

Love to all and keep us in your prayers!
Kate, Cliff & Baby Hill #1

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