Wednesday, April 23, 2008

16 weeks - Baby HeShe is stubborn!

Happy Wednesday!! Sorry I haven't sent updates in a few weeks, but we didn't have much news to share. Unfortunately, this week is no different. This child is keeping its identity a closely guarded secret. The cord is in between its legs and it likes to sit Indian style with its feet tucked under its butt. The pictures attached are the best we could do this week - I think it's laughing at us. It's only week 16 though and most people don't find out for a few more weeks. The tech is leaning towards girl this week, but I'm not buying pink until I see a clear picture with no penis present.

Regarding health....all is well. Baby looks great and I am fine too. I'll keep you posted as things progress! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Love to all...
Kate, Cliff & Baby HeShe

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