Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Made it to September!!

Not promising much today...still recovering from a bout of the flu or some kind of bug that made me want to die. Cliff and I were both miserable on Sunday night about 2:30am. I woke up and didn't feel very good. To be honest, I was a little concerned that labor was starting. I'm not a good puker and Cliff did his best to console me...a back rub and a cold washcloth. I was convinced that we were on the way to labor and delivery until Cliff started too. We had had dinner that night at Mom's house with the nephews so i was praying that they weren't all sick too. We were up until 6am at least making trips back and forth to the bathroom. It's a great weight loss plan - i think we both lost about 5 lbs. He was supposed to work on Monday morning and made a good effort to do so. He went into work and ended up in the floor, unable to stand up. Luckily his boss was coming down from Columbia and he was able to come back home to bed. And that's exactly where we both stayed....all day long. I was worried that sleep wouldn't be possible last night, but I was wrong. I passed out about 10pm and didn't wake up until about 4:30 this morning. And then went back to sleep about 7am and slept hard until 11. To make things worse, I think i have a bit of a cold too. The drainage and coughing didn't help matters. Plus, my daughter moving around inside me (although comforting that she was safe) was pushing on my organs and made it a little more unbearable too. All I can say is that I am praying that I am not a puker during labor...i can only imagine how miserable that must be!

Other than being super sick on Sunday night, the rest of the weekend went very well. I had a shower on Saturday that was so much fun! I'll post those pictures as soon as I have them. Did I post about the surprise shower during Bunco last month? If not, that one was A LOT of fun too! It was a total surprise and was very sweet of the bunco bunch to do...thanks everyone!

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