Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stitches are coming out next week!

Great report for week 35!! AnnaJo is measuring at 6 lbs 2 oz!! She has moved into the 72nd percentile! I cannot believe she is getting so big. Although I am reminded everytime I see how big my prego belly is getting... I'm not sure why I'm so shocked at her growth. My blood pressure was back down to the normal range too...yea! I still have some protein in my urine, but Trum isn't overly concerned. He agreed to take my cervical cerclage out next Wednesday after our regular appt. He'll take it out over in Labor & Delivery and then keep me to see if I'm dilating. If by chance my blood pressure is out of control again, he will go ahead and induce to start labor. I'm not a big fan of pitocin, so he'll try the Cervadil first I think, if it comes to that. I'm not anticipating having to go down that road though. The bedrest seems to work for my blood pressure, so I should be able to go home Wednesday night. After that, she could arrive at any point! :-) I am still amazed that we are going to have a baby! Even more amazed that they will send her home with us alone...with no directions.

We still have lots of things to do around the house to get prepared! Her nursery needs to be finished and all the little honey do projects need to be finished. Cliff has a few cabinets to build (or buy or make happen somehow) in our bathroom and laundry room. Should be an interesting few weeks! Not to mention all the cleaning that needs to happen before she arrives. I hope my nesting instinct kicks in before long and lasts a little longer than most! :-) I know...keep dreaming. Have a great week and try to stay dry!

love to all.... kate, cliff and annajo

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