Sunday, September 14, 2008

Noah's ark...I mean Cliff's

What a terrible morning! Who would have thought that two hurricanes in a two week period would effect Missouri? We've been awake since 3 am this morning. Vegas woke up whimpering at 3am and then at 4:30 or so Cliff got out of bed to find a bathroom full of water. We've had water in the basement before, but never where it was this morning. It was coming in through the foundation into our bedroom. By the time we noticed it, the carpet and pad was soaked all the way into the bathroom and there was 2 inches of standing water in our bathroom. Anyone know a good foundation person? :-) Called Mom and Jim at 5:00 to come over with the shop vac and then called Donna and Gary at 6:15 to come over with theirs. Poor grandparents thought they were getting the well anticipated baby call! Once it stopped raining, the water finally slowed down and we were able to catch up with it. It was about 10am by the time we were done. I've never seen water come into a house like that! All I could do was laugh for a little while because in 10 years, are we going to say "what a life...when all we had to worry about was water!"? Through it all, I had some contractions, but nothing major. The irony of it is that yesterday i finally felt like we were ready to bring home a baby. So much for that! It's true...we'll never be "READY". We had date night last night - went to see Righteous Kill....last one for who knows how long! Very good movie by the way! Vegas is still whining...his leg is hurting again. Seriously...can we get a break?!

What a day....a full days work put in before noon on a Sunday. Craziness! Guess I might ought to get used to waking up at 3am, huh? :-)

By the way, I'll have my computer at the hospital, so I'll update this blog and send out an email as soon as I can. I'll also send out a text message and leave a message on my voicemail to let everyone know she's arrived. If we don't answer the phone when you call, don't worry!

Love to all! Send us some hopes and prayers for dry weather for a little while!

-kate, cliff and annajo

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